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Profound Tissue Massage
Influence those a throbbing painfulness to leave used to discharge ceaseless muscle strain by applying slower strokes and more straightforward weight or rubbing over the grain of the muscles. Strokes may include the foot rear area of the hand, fingertips and thumbs, and move in or against the course of the muscle strands to gradually work into more profound layers.
Pregnancy Massage  blissful med spa
That pregnancy shine will be back in a matter of seconds. Being pregnant is such an uncommon time, however it can take a ton of physical tolls on a lady's body: throbbing back, swollen feet, tired appendages. We offer a progression of extending, reinforcing and posing back rubs to lessen swelling and invigorate blood stream. Accessible to moms to-be at any phase amid their pregnancy, this is totally ok for the youngster in the belly and valuable for unwinding.

Conditioning Marine Gel Body Wrap
A definitive detox! An envelop rich by marine minerals and nutrients to detoxify the body. Perfect for firming slack muscle tone and for alleviating worn out, substantial legs.
Cocoa Buns Lifting Treatment
Solidify the goods extraordinary back rub and warm strategy centers around firming and lifting the bottom territory.
Ocean Salt Glow
Astonishing shining skin! Smaller scale fine salts and kelp with fundamental oils and nutrients join to quagmire off dead skin cells. Uncovers a plush, hydrated, solid gleam.


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