Bad Ice Cream 3

Level 19
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In this dimension, the player must maintain a strategic distance from peppermints. There are accelerate tiles that both the player 
Terrible Ice Cream 5
Terrible Ice Cream 5 is an exceptionally addictive and fascinating blaze amusement which offers you many dimensions and maps and truly addictive interactivity. This amusement is for the individuals who cherish frozen yogurt - you should gather all natural product for your dessert and in the meantime avoid foes. Annihilate the squares and keep running as quick as you can to get on time. Appreciate playing the entire via Bad Ice Cream 3 release of the Bad Ice-Cream 5 for nothing.
About the diversion
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Break squares of ice, and eat the natural product to win! Awful Ice-Cream 3 gives you a chance to play as vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry solidified treats. You will confront hungry creatures and beasts in 40 cold dimensions. Make your own frigid obstructions for assurance! Terrible Ice-Cream 3 is one of our chosen Skill Games
Awful Ice Cream 3
Up to two players can play Bad Ice Cream 3, moving a solidified treat that is alive and searching for delectable Popsicle to eat, while keeping away from beasts. The terrains secured by snow offer a decent determination of organic products to make his most loved dessert, however he needs to look for the risks and traps in the tight diversion levels.


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