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WSOP Free Chips: The 15,000 Free Chips Hack

Since individuals are dependably watchful for hacks to get WSOP free chips, I chose to share a little trap that get you a prompt super reward of 15,000 free chips to play any recreations on the WSOP poker application.

world series poker free chips

Back in January, PlayWSOP propelled a battle to give 15,000 free chips to every single new player.

It was an impact.

Several thousands joined con added to make Play WSOP the most well known online poker application on the application store.

For now, WSOP Play includes just Texas hold'em and Omaha poker amusements – regardless of whether more poker variations should get on the application soon via:

Keep in mind:

WSOP Play is an application made by Playtika, the greatest name in social gaming at the present time. Situated in Israel, Playtika is a genuine mammoth possessed – among others – by China's Alibaba.

This is to state that when they guarantee…

… they convey.

WSOP Mega Bonus: Full Walkthrough

The Free Chips Mega Bonus is by a wide margin your absolute best at pails of WSOP free chips on the off chance that you would prefer not to go the (unreasonable) codes course.

This uber reward enables you to get up to 400,000 free WSOP chips. All the free chips are discharged quickly and can be utilized on all amusements.

Like I said before, this free chips super reward is a piece of a bundle that is never again openly publicized on the WSOP poker stage.

Thus, click here to begin (no stresses, the page opens on an alternate tab!)

Go on and make your record. When everything is set, you can return to this article and keep perusing.

Done? Great. We should proceed.

Since we are prepared to go, dispatch the diversion and tap on the catch you see I hovered in red in the picture underneath.

Here's the place you require fortunes to be your ally. The WSOP Mega Bonus is a wheel-of-fortune sort of amusement where you generally win.

The measure of free chips you can win relies upon your in-amusement status. Since you just began, I am accepting you are at the Bronze Level, which means you can win from at least 30,000 free WSOP chips up to a most extreme of 400,000 free chips.

Not awful, correct?

Need to Grow Your WSOP Mega Bonus? Look at My Pro Tips!

I am an ardent poker player, so I am dependably in the post for approaches to get heaps of cash and free chips to play the recreations I adore.

In the event that you are sufficiently persistent, you can without much of a stretch twofold (or triple) the free chips of your WSOP Mega Bonus.

At whatever point I trigger a super reward, I head immediately to the mid-stakes ring recreations on the stage.


Since this is the place the fish (otherwise known as. the terrible players) are.

The min-stake recreations are loaded with individuals who play irregular poker, so I don't try playing there. They are simply excessively unusual and insane.

At the mid-stakes, notwithstanding, you discover heaps of apprentices who are attempting to show signs of improvement at poker and who are not yet sufficiently certain to play at the best tables.

That is the place you need to hit. What's more, you need to hit hard.

When you gain your WSOP Mega Bonus, go directly to those tables and play as much as you can. Once, I multiplied a 300,000 chips bankroll in under 60 minutes!

WSOP App Promo Codes

Here's the place the discussion starts. I detest promotion codes.

It is not necessarily the case that I am against the promotion codes for the WSOP poker application – it's an individual issue I have with reward and promotion codes all in all.

Promotion codes are cracking irritating.

Multiple times out of ten they are incorrect, they have terminated, or they were connected to a period restricted offer nobody tried to erase.

I used to depend on the WSOP Play promotion codes at GamesHunter to get my portion of WSOP free chips – yet they have SO MANY BUGS that I don't go there any longer.

It's an exercise in futility.

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you are truly intrigued on the WSOP promotion codes to get extra chips for the Play WSOP application, you can attempt the refreshed rundown beneath.

I am not 100% beyond any doubt these are for the most part still dynamic but rather these are the main promotion codes that worked for me to get free chips at the WSOP Poker application.


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